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Kinderdance of Metro St. Louis and St. Charles Teachers

Molly Ameis - Owner Operator
Molly is the owner of the Kinderdance Metro St. Louis and St. Charles areas. She is beginning her 6th year as owner. Before that she was a teacher of the Kinderdance program for 5 years. She loved the concept of Kinderdance so much she couldn't resist owning her own franchise! She currently teaches several classes herself and looks forward to the years of Kinderdance to come!

Sarah Isgrigg - Lead Teacher
Sarah is beginning her 6th year of teaching for Kinderdance. She has quickly risen as a leader among the other teachers. She assists in training and fielding questions from other teachers. She is a constant source of energy and smiles. We look forward to many more years with Sarah!
Michele Mitchell - Teacher
Michele is beginning her 5th year teaching for Kinderdance this fall. She currently teaches at many centers! She always has a smile on her face and is ready to dance! We look forward to seeing her accomplishments in the future!
Sarah Brandt - Teacher
Sarah is also beginning her 5th year of teaching for Kinderdance. She is a great asset to our staff and we are looking forward to seeing her excel for many years to come!

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